The Conductor Merlot



The Conductor is the thread between the music, bringing all the elements of the orchestra together. In the same way the we form the thread between the vineyard and the winery. All the elements are there, but it is about choosing the right accents, flourishes and character to bring to the fore. With this wine we transform the experience and capture the imagination.

Winemaking Notes
• Hand sorted
• Crush and destemmed into static fermenters
• Cap management with aerative pump overs and drain and returns.
• Extended time of skins of 1-2weeks depending on parcel
• Maturation in 80% older French oak
• Racked twice during maturation
• Natural malolactic fermentation in spring

Winemakers Tasting Notes
The Conductor is a succulent and savoury merlot. The wines shows fleshy red berry fruits with notes of mushroom and dried herbs. It is medium bodied wine with fine savoury tannins.

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