Orange, Australia
900m altitude

Orange is one of the more special wine
growing regions of Australia in part due
to high altitude.


A cool climate region can be defined as an area with heat degree days of 1600 or
less. Cool nights in the growing season, large diurnal variation, long cool autumns and distinct seasons are also key factors in defining a cool climate region.

Orange is one of a handful of regions in Australia that fall into this category.
Orange is unique among these regions due to the cool climate being the result
of continental conditions rather than latitude.


We have some very unique prevailing conditions on our vineyard site at Koomooloo. Our secret to making the most of this is our respect for this patch of earth, it’s changing climate and the way we respond to the elements. We pair our understanding of Koomooloo with decades of experience, hard work, conviction and we keep an open mind to creative thinking.


Block 1

Variety: Shiraz
Year: 1989
Hectares: 3.17Ha
Clones: BVR, CL20, BVR, CL12, BVR, CL30
Aspect: Northerly
Soil: Fine ironstone (1-10) Balance, free-draining fine wind blown and basalt
Altitude: 872 – 863 metres, gentle slope

Block 2

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon | Cabernet Franc
Year: 1989
Hectares: 3.54Ha
Clones: G9V3, SA125, LC30 | D7V15
Aspect: Northerly
Soil: Top soil wind blown, fine draining red soil, sub soil mature basalt
Altitude: 870 metres, gentle slope

Block 3

Variety: Cabernet Franc | Shiraz | 3EPinot Noir
Year: 1990
Hectares: 3.33Ha 3E – 1.61Ha
Clones: D7V15 | 1654 | 3E | D5V12, MV6
Aspect: North and South 3E – Southerly
Soil: Top soil wind blown, free draining red soil, sub – mature basalt and limestone, mod % of rock
Altitude: 869 – 861 metres, rhythmic undulation, 3E steep gully drop

Block 4

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 1990
Hectares: 4.43Ha
Clones: Bordeaux 583/NX/H23, F4V6, F14V3
Aspect: Southerly
Soil: Red basalt at top, Hollows deep chocolate basalt. Bottom of hill is lighter well-drained soil
Altitude: 854-830 metres, very steep undulation

Block 5

Variety: Merlot | Shiraz
Year: 1989
Hectares: 3.69Ha
Clones: D3V14, 1654, V5
Aspect: Northerly
Soil: Light chocolate basalt to medium well-draining limestone.
Altitude: 885 – 873 metres, steady decline

Block 6

Variety: Chardonnay
Year: 1989
Hectares: 3.18Ha
Clones: V1, V5
Aspect: North Easterly
Soil: Ranges from red chocolate to grey basalt, well-draining lighter soil
Altitude: 884 – 871 metres, rippled drop off

5 6 4 2 1 3


Koomooloo is volcanic in nature,
something that the mountain
continually reminds you of. There is a
divide on the vineyard between
younger and older basalt soils. The
majority of the vineyard is 12 million
year old olivine basalt, overlaying
deep limestone. 400 million year old
Fairbridge basalt border the property
adding to the complex character of
the vineyard.