Pioneers of an unconventional tradition

They say that luck is found where opportunity meets preparation.

Between the three of us we’ve had a lot of good luck, but more importantly we have been persistent, hard working and sometimes a little bit stubborn. Faith in our instincts combined with calculated risk have led to some beautiful moments of inspiration.


Philip Shaw

I was drawn to winemaking from a young age at 12 years old (the year 1959) after visiting Roseworthy with my school. I started washing bottles at Penfolds at Magill and by 16 I was looking after the vintage cellar at Wynns Magill before going to Roseworthy to study agriculture and Oeneology (winemaking).

My first role as a winemaker was at Lindemans at Corowa where I stayed for 12 years, I then moved to the Hunter Valley as the Head Winemaker for Rosemount (and then Southcorp Wines).

I’ve always wanted to find a place where I could grow cool climate wines and I was drawn to Orange for it’s unique position in Australian viticulture – high altitude, cool continental climate and rich volcanic soils.

I planted 47 hectares of vines at our Koomooloo vineyard in 1988-89 with our first commercial vintage produced in 2004.

In 2015, I made the decision to transfer ownership and management of Philip Shaw Wines to my sons Damian and Daniel – who continue to deliver world class wines from our Koomooloo Vineyard.

Damian Shaw

I’ve grown up in vineyards and wineries and I’ve always loved seeing good wines come to life, from vines to the bottle.

Spending a big part of my business career in sales and marketing for some of Australia’s most iconic brands, my return to wine came from a deep respect for our patch of of earth at our Koomooloo vineyard in Orange.

For over a decade I’ve worked with Philip to share our progressive wine styles and to showcase our unique cool climate, altitude and elegance in winemaking.

With my brother Dan now at the helm, producing wines of intensity, depth and finesse – I look forward to forging another great iconic brand and destination.

Daniel Shaw

When I was 12, I started working in wineries and I did my first vintage at Rosemount to pay for an overseas trip after finishing school. While working in Italy I met a great Italian winemaker who advised me to study business and learn winemaking from my father.

I finished my degree in business and started working in a winery again and realised it was never going to be enough, so I returned to study winemaking.

My priority has always been to work with great winemakers – to learn how to think, rather than learn how to make great wine.

Lots of experience from many parts of the world have brought me to Orange to pursue what I have learnt and to progress the winemaking where Philip left it.


We’ve won plenty of awards but that’s not what drives
us to make great wine.

We are always trying to achieve a balance in our wines, whether they are
white or red. Each vintage is a challenge like no other. All the tricks in
the book won’t work if you don’t know how to apply them. Many people talk about winemaking being a science and an art.

We’d rather talk about wine redefines peoples presumptions of flavour and quality.